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Run Time: 100 Minutes


Saturday, October 8th


9:45 PM

Fifteen-year-old Neil’s passion for writing “ slash” fiction about a sci-fi icon, Vanguard, is a secret that the shy adolescent keeps closely guarded. He’s thrown for a loop when he becomes close to his 16-year-old, seemingly worldlier, classmate Julia. His fantasies and crushes have been focused on males, but questions arise as he grows smitten with a girl who shares his interests. At the same time, after Neil begins posting his writing on a fan-fiction website, he starts an online flirtation with its middle-aged administrator, Denis (Michael Ian Black, WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER), furthering his sexual confusion.

Dramatic re-enactments of Neil’s stories—complete with special effects the way a kid might imagine them—are hot and silly at the same time. They further the fun, as does a visit to a Houston Comic-Con that allows Neil and Julia to cosplay and further indulge their fantasies while adding new wrinkles to their relationship. SLASH is a film that perfectly captures the awkwardness and nascent yearning of youth.

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