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Fourth Man Out

Fourth Man Out

Run Time: 95 Minutes




Sunday, October 18th, 2015


7:30 PM

Lanky, unpretentious Adam (Evan Todd) is a mechanic who spends most of his time hanging out with his three closest friends. The pursuit of beer, sports, and chicks lead the guys through their moments of celebration. There’s only one bit of trouble with that—Adam is gay and has never told his buddies. When he finally does tell his best friend after a night of partying, Chris (Parker Young) responds by throwing up, becoming confused, and questioning Adam’s past dates with women. Things do not go much better when telling Ortu (Jon Gabrus) and Nick (Chord Overstreet). The customary bro activities turn awkward, with the guys worried that Adam has the hots for them and cracking lame “cover your butt” jokes at his expense. After being clued in to their heinousness by his date, Chris wakes up the other dudes to the fact that they need to be more caring about Adam’s situation. Thus, the three decide to study up on “gay stuff” and take Adam to his first gay bar. Everyone tries to help Adam solve his dating doldrums with a lot of hilarious missteps. Weave into the plot characters like the judgmental nosy neighbor, some shallow gal bedmates, disturbing Internet dates, and a few handsome heroes, and you’ve got the potential for some serious comedy.

Will Adam ever find his Mr. Right? Will he ever get rid of those bad date moments for good? More importantly, will his friendships with the guys ever get back to normal?

Sponsored by UNM Truman Health Services

  • Director: Andrew Nackman
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Awards: Outstanding Narrative Feature at LA Outfest, Best Feature at Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Best Feature at Rhode Island International Film Festival, and Best Feature at Toronto Inside Out Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
  • Tags: Full Feature | Sun, Oct 18th

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