Run Time: 82 Minutes


Oct 10, 2014


9:30 PM

Queer cinema provocateur Bruce LaBruce depicts the shocking yet sweet relationship between Lake, an 18-year old nursing attendant and his octogenarian ward, Mr. Peabody. Together, they embark on a life-changing cross- country trip.

If you know the baffling thrill of getting groped by an octogenarian at a RainbowVision dance night, and the strangely reassuring invitation to come back for a cup of tea and massage in the senior’s condo — Sí, se puede! —, well, this is the film for you! Lake (played by handsome Pier-Gabriel Lajoie), has a girlfriend who name-checks Ulrike Meinhof during their make-out sessions — (a moan-out to director Bruce LaBruce’s Raspberry Reich.) But Lake finds himself truly attracted to Far Over 50 Shades of Grey — as realized when he springs (and not off the diving board) while giving mouth-to-mouth to a gorgeous senior at the local pool. Fortunately for his fetishism, his mother hires him on as an orderly at the nursing home she manages. During his rounds, he meets an old theater queen named Mr. Peabody. When Lake discovers that the center’s scripts are only incapacitating the residents, he seeks to resuscitate Mr.Peabody — first weaning him from his meds (and back onto the best kind of cocktails: martinis) and then stealing him away for a fugitive road trip to California.

Film provacateur Bruce LaBruce retains his comic agit-prop sensibilities here while exploring a subtler side of transgression. LaBruce’s recent fascination with zombies sheds its metaphorical weight, and we’re left with a clearer — and more radical — exploration of the allure to be found in people left for dead.

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