Futuro Beach

Futuro Beach

Run Time: 106 Minutes


Oct 11, 2014


9:15 PM

After a Brazilian lifeguard fails to rescue a German tourist from dangerous riptides, he develops an intense bond with the victim's friend and relocates to Berlin. Moody and erotic, with a terrific glam-punk soundtrack.

The first-ever film co-production between Brazil and Germany breaks onto screen with as much energy and power as the motorcycles and ocean tides whose forces fuel the film. Konrad, a German motorcyclist, is touring Brazil with his friend; reaching the Fortaleza coast, the pair decide to swim at Futuro Beach. Their casual dip turns into a deadly ordeal, when they both get trapped in a vicious undertow. Brazilian lifeguard, Donato, attempts to rescue the swimmers but can only save Konrad. The harrowing event ignites a powerfully physical relationship between them that ends up changing the course of their lives. Donato relocates with Konrad to Germany, leaving behind his ailing mother and young brother. The film’s director — himself a Brazilian expatriate living in Berlin — suggests Donato’s dislocation with a muted, fog-shrouded depiction of the city’s streets and a dreamy soundscape crafted by modern composer, Hauschka. It is an intriguing inversion, mirroring the loss of one life with Donato’s loss of identity. Both the sea and the city may swallow men.

Visceral, physical and artfully poetic, Futuro Beach evokes works from Antonioni (L’Avventura) and Claire Denis (Beau Travail). It is a gorgeous mix of masculinity and mood, featuring graphic sex sequences and a terrific glam-punk soundtrack.

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