Run Time: 92 Minutes


Oct 19, 2014


7:45 PM

A colorful comic confection about six friends whose smartphone video unexpectedly earns them the chance to represent Israel in the international ‘Universong’ contest. Eytan Fox (Yossi & Jagger and Mary Lou) directed this delightfully designed pop musical.

Have you ever watched a talent competition and thought to yourself, “I can do better,”? In this colorful comic confection, six neighbors living in a Tel Aviv apartment complex gather to watch a multi-national TV tournament, ’UniverSong.’ Unimpressed with Israel’s official entry, the motley group records their own song with a smartphone and uploads the impromptu music video — unexpectedly earning themselves the chance to represent Israel in next year’s contest. The unlikely pop stars don’t exactly crave the spotlight. Anat’s friends created the musical trifle as a means to cheer her up after her husband left her; she worries people will think of her as a desperate (ex)-housewife. Lesbian singer-songwriter, Efrat, disdains the pop aura of the whole enterprise — even though her career could use a boost. Yael, a former beauty queen turned corporate lawyer, thinks the venture will undermine her respectability. Only Ofer, a kindergarten teacher who loves performing sequin-studded routines for his students, looks forward to the event. His boyfriend, a powerful humus magnate, prefers to keep Ofer’s antics — and their relationship — a secret.

Of course, all of them overcome their anxieties and band together, applying lots of spit, polish, and lip gloss to their routine. The over-the-top finale finds them battling Russia with chutzpah. Eytan Fox (Yossi & Jagger) directed this delightfully kitschy pop musical. It’s gleefully over-the-top, filled with eye-catching production design, clever costumes and catchy tunes. Cupcakes is the sweetest ending to our SWGLFF feast.

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