Free Fall [Opening Night]

Free Fall [Opening Night]

Run Time: 100 Minutes


Friday, October 11, 2013


7:00 PM


Marc (Hanno Koffler) is a handsome police cadet with a very pregnant girlfriend and everything’s lining up as expected: marriage, child, career, and promotion.


But while attending a police training course, he finds himself drawn to his roommate Kay (Max Riemelt), an athletic Adonis. The games of sport and sex Marc begins with Kay become an all-consuming passion when Kay is transferred to his unit. As their relationship deepens, conflict grows in Marc’s workplace and at home. And when Kay, the catalyst for Marc’s many changes, suddenly disappears, Marc must make his own path through the damaged landscape of his life.

German critics unanimously praised the film, some terming it their country’s ‘answer to BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. Director Stephan Lecant captures the sun and sweat of a sultry German summer, as well as the chemistry between his handsome leads. The boys’ club atmosphere of the police force creates a taut atmosphere of machismo and repressed emotions. Hanno Koffler from SUMMER STORM (SWGLFF2005) gives a performance that clearly shows the shattering effect of Marc’s deceptions, desires and doubts.

Marc can never be free when hiding the truth from others; but, especially in the homophobic surroundings of the police force, revealing the truth often creates new burdens and dangerous consequences.

– Brennan Foster

Sponsored by macys

  • Director: Stephan Lacant
  • Country: Germany
  • Language: German with English Subtitles
  • Awards: "Best Feature - Jury Award – Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Official Selection – Frameline San Francisco Int’l LGBT Film Festival"
  • Tags: Fri, Oct 11th | Full Feature

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