2012 SW Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Take some time to browse through the list of over 90 short and full length films featured in the 2012 SW Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

  • 4 Pounds

    4 Pounds

    Canada, 2010, 8 minutes

    Four Pounds is the story of an actor (Scott Thompson from Kids in the Hall) who focuses his considerable will to the goal of losing some weight.

  • 7 Deadly Kisses

    7 Deadly Kisses

    Indonesia, 2012, 4 minutes

    Two willing and able male trainees demonstrate the first seven deadly kisses for any relationship.

  • Air Balloon

    Air Balloon

    Norway, 2011, 11 minutes

    From Yenni Lee is a story about Julie, who carries around a box full of memories, but hopes to release herself from them.

  • Akin


    Canada, 2012, 9 minutes

    An Orthodox Jewish mother and son examine the silent secrets of their past.

  • Art Of Walking Through The Streets, The

    Art Of Walking Through The Streets, The

    Brazil, 2011, 18 minutes

    Poetry is all over the streets of Brasilia and especially in the eyes of two schoolgirls.

  • Bad Boy Street

    Bad Boy Street

    USA/France, 2012, 80 minutes

    Director Todd Verow heads to Paris for this romantic drama, leaving his home base of New York behind.

  • Battlefield


    Australia, 2011, 9 minutes

    Two men have an emotional negotiation of a one-night stand.

  • Bear City 2: The Proposal

    Bear City 2: The Proposal

    US, 2012, 101 minutes

    The bears are back - and they’re heading for Provincetown!

  • Beauty


    South Africa/France, 2011, 105 minutes

    A South African man with a family is a tangle of contradictions, in Oliver Hermanus’s film, BEAUTY.

  • Bed To Lie In, A

    Bed To Lie In, A

    Israel, 2011, 10 minutes

    An unexpected encounter leads one man to confront a harsh truth which he must now face for the first time.

  • Beyond The Walls

    Beyond The Walls

    Belgium-Canada-France, 2012, 98 minutes

    In his first feature directing debut, Belgian screenwriter David Lambert brings us a carefully crafted film that seems initially to follow closely in the footsteps of dramas like Andrew Haigh’s WEEKEND and Ira Sach’s KEEP THE LIGHTS ON.

  • Blessed, The

    Blessed, The

    Chile, 2012, 15 minutes

    An intersex girl is forced to portray The Virgin Mary in the town processional by her father in the hopes it will *fix* her.

  • Bridge, The

    Bridge, The

    US, 2011, 8 minutes

    Kicking it on ‘The Bridge’ a young vato braves the consequences of coming-out in his tough Los Angeles barrio.

  • Butch Tits

    Butch Tits

    Canada, 2010, 4 minutes

    Butch women discuss the complicated relationship they have with their breasts.

  • Chloe Likes Olivia

    Chloe Likes Olivia

    Denmark, 2011, 19 minutes

    Chloe Likes Olivia is a sexy drama that unfolds in the course of one night. Olivia has brought home an eager student as a surprise gift for her girlfriend. But tonight, what was supposed to be hot threeway play gets complicated.

  • Cloudburst


    Canada, 2011, 87 minutes

    Adapted from Thom Fitzgerald’s successful theatrical play of the same name, Cloudburst is a humorous, romantic and moving film that proves that love really can endure the most amazing obstacles.

  • Confession of Father John Thomas, The

    Confession of Father John Thomas, The

    Australia, 2011, 5 minutes

    Miss Beaver Eater reveals her filthiest fantasies to Father John Thomas.

  • Corazon De Melon

    Corazon De Melon

    US, 2012, 13 minutes

    A queer Mexicana couple journey through online dating and across borders to find love.

  • Couples Therapy

    Couples Therapy

    US, 2012, 10 minutes

    Two men attend couples therapy every week to talk about their relationship.

  • Croquembouche


    US, 2011, 20 minutes

    Marion and her husband host a private dinner at which one of the guests turns out to be a woman from Marion’s past.

  • Crush


    US, 2011, 9 minutes

    A teenager decides whether or not to hang out with his crush at the prom.

  • Do You Have A Cat?

    Do You Have A Cat?

    US, 2011, 11 minutes

    It’s hard searching for love in the modern world, especially when you’re a bisexual woman with a severe cat allergy.

  • Ducks Migration, The

    Ducks Migration, The

    Chile / USA, 2012, 15 minutes

    A short film about the sexual discovery and growth of two 15-year-old boys who coincide in contemporary New York City.

  • Dyke Central Pilot

    Dyke Central Pilot

    US, 2011, 22 minutes

    Butches Alex and Gin search for a third roommate for their apartment in Oakland, and newcomer-to-town, Fabiana, just might be the one.

  • Elliot Loves

    Elliot Loves

    US, 2011, 92 minutes

    ELLIOT LOVES is the story of Dominican- American Elliot Ayende’s (Fabio Costaprado & Quentin Araujo) misadventures in love and family life in New York City.

  • Eyes And The Ice, The

    Eyes And The Ice, The

    US, 2011, 11 minutes

    Cody worries about his relationship and the eye frozen in the ice.

  • Facing Mirrors

    Facing Mirrors

    Iran, 2011, 102 minutes

    In a compelling first feature film by Iranian female director Negar Azarbayjani, we are introduced to two very different women; one, a naïve traditionalist forced into an unlikely job because of circumstance, and the other, a wealthy and rebellious pre-op transsexual desperately trying to escape her unchosen fate.

  • Feti(s)hame


    US, 2011, 14 minutes

    Based on the true stories, this series of vignettes explores the sexual fantasies, connections to shame and some personal complexities of gay men.

  • Finish Line

    Finish Line

    Canada, 2011, 13 minutes

    A competitive runner’s gender is called into question and subjected to investigation.

  • Fresh Air Therapy 2

    Fresh Air Therapy 2

    Germany, 2011, 16 minutes

    For Kerstin and Petra their relationship is not their only problem, as they return to couple’s therapy and take part in a role-play by spending a night in a hotel, with curious consequences.

  • Gay Latino L.A.

    Gay Latino L.A.

    US, 2012, 87 minutes

    Raw, visceral and real, Producer Jonathan Menendez captures the heart and soul of Latino men in Los Angeles as they wrestle with dual, and often dueling, identities.

  • Gayby


    US, 2012, 89 minutes

    What happens when a straight girl and her best gay male friend’s biological clocks both kick into overdrive, but there’s no romantic partner on the horizon for either of them? Jenn, self described 'hag since birth' and her gay BFF Matt find themselves in their thirties, single and dealing with a frustrating dating scene in New York City.

  • Genderfreak


    US, 2012, 19 minutes

    Rachel, a straight teenager, befriends Sammy, the new kid and genderqueer. They both soon learn about acceptance and friendship.

  • I Want Your Love

    I Want Your Love

    US, 2012, 71 minutes

    Expanded to feature length from an award-winning 2010 short film of the same name, I WANT YOUR LOVE tells the story of Jesse, a scruffy, thirty-ish performance artist living in San Francisco.

  • Invisible Men, The

    Invisible Men, The

    Israel, 2012, 69 minutes

    In a region that regularly struggles with issues of religion, culture and politics, simply living a truthful life is not a possibility for gay Palestinians.

  • Irene


    Brazil, 2011, 14 minutes

    Irene’s isolation is disturbed when her granddaughter visits with a special friend, and she unveils feelings she thought were forgotten.

  • It's Consuming Me

    It's Consuming Me

    Germany, 2012, 4 minutes

    A relationship this intense has to be real…

  • It's Just A Detail

    It's Just A Detail

    Spain, 2011, 3 minutes

    A killer gets more of a surprise than she’s bargained for, when cleaning up the scene of the crime.

  • Jackpot


    US, 2012, 10 minutes

    A 14 year old boy sets off on a quest to find and retrieve a stash of gay porn without anyone finding

  • Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree

    US, 2012, 94 minutes

    In 1951, James Dean was a 20 year old acting student, intent on conquering Hollywood. He did so four years later, cementing his place in film history with just three features before his death.

  • Keep The Lights On

    Keep The Lights On

    US, 2012, 102 minutes

    Ira Sachs’s ambitious and intense depiction of the fraught relationship between a literary lawyer with substance abuse issues and a documentary filmmaker is one of the most honest and moving films in years.

  • Kiss Me

    Kiss Me

    US, 2012, 12 minutes

    In East Los Angeles, boxer Kid Vargas faces some devastating truths after he kills a man in the ring.

  • Kiss Me / Kyss Mig

    Kiss Me / Kyss Mig

    Sweden, 2011, 105 minutes

    Mia is anxious about going to her father’s birthday/engagement party for numerous reasons: her relationship with him is strained due to her parents’ divorce, she will be meeting her future stepmother and stepsister for the first time, and she also has to share the news that she’s engaged to her live-in boyfriend.

  • Law And Order / Zucht Und Ordnung

    Law And Order / Zucht Und Ordnung

    Germany, 2012, 9 minutes

    Manfred and Jürgen show us a "real German education" and talk candidly about the good old days, their fetishes and BDSM.

  • Let my People Go!

    Let my People Go!

    France, 2011, 88 minutes

    LET MY PEOPLE GO! Is a delightful romp through Finland and France that celebrates and upends gay and Jewish stereotypes at every turn.

  • Love Is Not Enough

    Love Is Not Enough

    US, 2011, 11 minutes

    Eric and Conrad were in love at first sight. But Eric is monogamous and Conrad is polyamorous. Soon Eric must ask himself "when is love not enough?"

  • Map To Talk

    Map To Talk

    Chile, 2011, 81 minutes

    In Roberta’s dream, she is trudging through the streets of Santiago, Chile carrying her bed on her back, having lost everything.

  • Margarita


    Canada, 2012, 90 minutes

    Margarita the nanny is muse to all: she’s a whipsmart bookkeeper, can fix everything from a hot tub to a smoothie, and could put Martha Stewart to shame with her effortless domestic engineering. Not to mention she’s sexy as a jaguar, sweet as "dulce de leche", and regularly piques everyone’s interest…in more ways than one.

  • Mates


    Portugal/UK, 2011, 5 minutes

    Enjoy a fast and furious hot mix tape of unsimulated, sexy hooks ups -start to finish.

  • Men To Kiss

    Men To Kiss

    Germany, 2012, 83 minutes

    This wonderful German comedy features an uptight young banker who meets a flamboyant artist. It’s a fast paced romp about a not exactly perfect couple.

  • Mila Caos

    Mila Caos

    Cuba/Germany, 2011, 18 minutes

    Every weekend at an illegal drag show in a suburb of Havana, Sebastián, a 17 year old Cuban teenager, transforms into - Mila Caos!

  • Mixed Kebab

    Mixed Kebab

    Belgium /Turkey, 2012, 98 minutes

    "I’m Ibrahim, I’m Turkish. I’m Bram, I’m Belgian. I am a Muslim, and I’m gay."

  • Mosquita Y Mari

    Mosquita Y Mari

    US, 2011, 85 minutes

    Fifteen year old Yolanda (Fenessa Pineda) is a straight A student. The only child of two hard-working parents, Yolanda is set on a path to college and success. Mari (Venecia Troncoso), also fifteen, is the girl everyone expects to fail—including herself. A tough, street-wise older sister, Mari looks for ways to help her single mother support the family. They couldn’t be more different.

  • My Best Day

    My Best Day

    US, 2012, 75 minutes

    At Hank’s Refrigeration on the 4th of July, cute receptionist Karen unexpectedly gets a call from what could be her long-lost father.

  • Naked As We Come

    Naked As We Come

    US, 2011, 84 minutes

    A lifetime of dysfunction bubbles to the serene surface of this mesmerizing family drama from director Richard LeMay.

  • Night In The Woods, A

    Night In The Woods, A

    US, 2012, 9 minutes

    During a zombie apocalypse, a genderqueer Asian survives by camping in a nearby forest, with some unexpected help.

  • North Sea Texas

    North Sea Texas

    Belgium, 2011, 96 minutes

    Equal parts heartwarming and heart breaking, NORTH SEA TEXAS is an utterly charming coming of age story set in the 1960’s about a boy and the longtime love he has for his neighbor.

  • One Night

    One Night

    Sweden, 2012, 23 minutes

    A Norwegian nightclub is the meeting place for the first few hours in a young couple’s relationship, as they deal with the intimacy and desire that this meeting provokes.

  • Performance of Drowning, The

    Performance of Drowning, The

    US, 2011, 10 minutes

    On a trip to ‘Crippled Children’s Camp’ Terry Galloway falls for the deep end swimming instructor and demonstrates her affection in an epic performance.

  • Polaroid Girl

    Polaroid Girl

    US, 2012, 17 minutes

    A timid young photographer discovers her inner strength after connecting with a woman who runs an eclectic camera shop.

  • Prora


    Switzerland, 2012, 23 minutes

    Two teenagers confront their identities in a deserted former Nazi holiday camp.

  • Queen Of My Dreams, The

    Queen Of My Dreams, The

    US, 2012, 3 minutes

    The Bollywood classic film Aradhana, with its epic romance and promise of feminine perfection, is re-imagined in a queer light.

  • Rookie And The Runner, The

    Rookie And The Runner, The

    US, 2012, 10 minutes

    A jogger in the park gets more than he bargained for when he encounters two handsome strangers.

  • Route 22

    Route 22

    US, 2012, 10 minutes

    A young tomboy who knows who she is, struggles to be loved by her mother.

  • Sabbatical


    US, 2012, 12 minutes

    Two men think about separation and the consequences of coming back together.

  • Salas S.A.L.

    Salas S.A.L.

    Spain, 2011, 9 minutes

    In Palacio Rojo’s short, a boss finds that it is a bad idea to fall in love with an employee.

  • Schwanzfilm / Cock Film

    Schwanzfilm / Cock Film

    Germany, 6 minutes

    A gay man speaks about his body image and growing older in the age of the internet.

  • Seminal


    Canada, 2012, 10 minutes

    While we often separate the reproductive from the erotic, this couple brings the two together in their journey to conceive.

  • Senorita


    Philippines, 2011, 99 minutes

    After abandoning her life as a sex worker in Manila, transgender woman Donna retreats to a quieter existence in a small town where she is raising her 12-year-old foster son Tomas and working on the campaign of an honest and idealistic underdog mayoral candidate.

  • Seventh-Gay Adventists

    Seventh-Gay Adventists

    US, 2012, 105 minutes

    Faith, identity, and sexuality collide as three diverse gay and lesbian Seventh- Day Adventists struggle to follow both their church and their hearts.

  • Sexual Tension

    Sexual Tension

    Argentina, 2012, 102 minutes

    As promised by its title, desire and longing create sizzling sexual tension in this collection of short films.

  • Shabbat Dinner

    Shabbat Dinner

    US, 2012, 14 minutes

    Two teenage boys find they have more in common over Shabbat dinner.

  • Shower, The

    Shower, The

    Chile, 2010, 10 minutes

    Sexy, smart and soulful, The Shower tracks the traumatic final stage of a relationship and the even more frightening question of what’s next.

  • Silver Stiletto

    Silver Stiletto

    Australia, 2011, 16 minutes

    Silver Stiletto is an action hero movie featuring a vigilante in drag.

  • Skin I'm In, The

    Skin I'm In, The

    US, 2012, 86 minutes

    The documentary THE SKIN I’M IN is about the multi-faceted life of Broderick Fox. After a night of blackout drinking in Berlin, he was found unconscious with his head split open left for dead.

  • So Pomo

    So Pomo

    US, 2011, 4 minutes

    A surreal fantasy that celebrates life while breaking down sexual and gender identities.

  • Stitches


    Israel, 2011, 16 minutes

    Amit and Noa decided to have a baby. Despite their confidence, they don’t know what to do next. After Noa gives birth, they find there are things you can’t hide.

  • Strong And Dreaming

    Strong And Dreaming

    US, 2011, 7 minutes

    An inspiring meditation on self-love and strength featuring sensuous, ethereal, animated queer sex.

  • Stud Life

    Stud Life

    UK, 2012, 80 minutes

    JJ, a black lesbian stud with mad swagger, and her best friend Seb, do everything together. Seb assists JJ when she’s photographing gay and straight weddings, they club together, get high together, and they live together… usually harmoniously.

  • Taboo


    Austria, 2011, 8 minutes

    Kevin makes his first public appearance as a man at his son’s school during Parents’ Night.

  • Thing, The

    Thing, The

    US, 2012, 15 minutes

    A woman, a transgender man, and their cat travel towards a mysterious roadside attraction known as "The Thing".

  • Transgender Tuesdays + Panel Discussion

    Transgender Tuesdays + Panel Discussion

    US, 2012, 50 minutes

    Transgender Tuesdays tells the story of the Tom Waddell Health Center, the first low-cost public health clinic opened specifically for transgender clients.

  • Tsuyako


    Japan/USA, 2011, 25 minutes

    In postwar Japan, a factory worker and mother must decide between duty and love, her family and her freedom.

  • Two Alexes, The

    Two Alexes, The

    Spain, 2011, 17 minutes

    She’s tired of having to define herself.

  • Two Guys In A Backyard

    Two Guys In A Backyard

    Australia, 2011, 5 minutes

    A man puts his friendship on the line during a backyard sparring session.

  • Unanimated


    Spain, 2011, 8 minutes

    A cartoon goes to therapy because he isn’t accepted in a ‘liveaction’ world.

  • Ursula's Victory

    Ursula's Victory

    Spain, 2011, 17 minutes

    Ursula breaks into a cemetery on a stormy night with a shovel in one hand and a briefcase in the other. What will she dig up?

  • Varla Jean & The Mushroom Heads

    Varla Jean & The Mushroom Heads

    US, 2011, 83 minutes

    After years of performing in New Orleans’s best dive bars to sagging audiences, semicelebrity and cabaret chanteuse Varla Jean Merman (Jeffrey Roberson) decides to go after a younger crowd—kids.

  • What Makes Us Queer

    What Makes Us Queer

    US, 2011, 7 minutes

    A juxtaposition of queer porn stars doing it, and their answers to the question, *What Makes Us Queer?*

  • Yossi


    Israel, 2012, 84 minutes

    The sequel to 2002’s YOSSI & JAGGER follows Yossi a decade after losing Jagger. Recapturing the same spirit, honesty, and tenderness that made YOSSI & JAGGER so poignant, director Eytan Fox once again captures Yossi’s dissonant world in a gentle, compassionate way.

  • Your Warmth

    Your Warmth

    Israel, 2011, 14 minutes

    Jonathan cruises the park for the first time looking for love. But will he find what he truly wants: to be held?

2012 SW Gay & Lesbian Film Festival