Cho Dependent

Cho Dependent

Run Time: 83 min


Sat, Oct 8th, 7:00 PM


7:00 PM

Margaret Cho’s 6th stand-up film, CHO DEPENDENT delivers perfectly her own brand of raunchy, politically charged comedy that fans have come to love and expect from her.

Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, the show touches on everything from her short stint on DANCING WITH THE STARS, feuding with the Palin family backstage, to Lady Gaga, conversations with her mother, moving to the south to work on DROP DEAD DIVA, “sexting” and geriatric strippers. The film shares a name with the Grammy-nominated comedy music album recently released and features Cho performing songs such as “I’m Sorry”, and “Your Dick”, performed with the Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus. The incorporation of her songs adds a new, exciting element to her performance that will make the film even more enjoyable and engaging for audiences.

Cho’s quick wit, sharp tongue, and sarcastic humor flow seamlessly into more serious topics, such as her grandfather’s bravery while saving his children in a house fire and falling in love with a man who later committed murder. Margaret Cho lovingly mocks her mother and talks frankly about drugs, sex and sexuality, and her well-known love for gay men. She also shows a solid talent for singing and writing songs that are both catchy and entertaining. Winner of the 2011 Frameline award, CHO DEPENDENT is stimulating and hilarious and will have audiences rocking in their seats with laughter the whole way through. — Susan Ramirez


2011 SW Gay & Lesbian Film Festival