Run Time: 105 min


Sat, Oct 8th, 9:30 PM


9:30 PM

What do you do when the one who got away comes back? Especially when you think you’ve moved on?

Years after an agonizing breakup, Jonathan gets a surprising call from his ex, Troy. At once excited to hear from his former lover, Jonathan is thrust into great confusion owing to his current, slightly complicated relationship with Raul. Troy makes it obvious that he is pursuing Jonathan, and Raul deals as best he can with the awkwardness of the returning ex-boyfriend he knows by reputation. Torn between the two men he loves, Jonathan is compelled to decide—whether by action or inaction—what he really wants.

Troy’s return rekindles nearly forgotten feelings in Jonathan, though the memory of his broken heart keeps those feelings from being fully explored. In the midst of this, Raul attempts to pull Jonathan closer to him despite Jonathan’s fierce independent streak. Through multiple viewpoints and a story that flows through the past and present seamlessly, a complete picture emerges of three men inextricably linked. What seem like clear moral choices become obscured by the complexities of the human heart.

Set in the middle of a Los Angeles heat wave, AUGUST sizzles with the passion of its characters, equal parts sexy and soul-searching. In his debut feature writer/director Eldar Rapaport weaves a tangled web of love and lust, delivering no easy answers (but some easy-on-the-eyes leading men) to the difficult questions of why we do what we do for love. —Elisa McGovern


2011 SW Gay & Lesbian Film Festival