Take some time to browse through the list of over 50 short and full length films featured in the 2011 SW Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

  • 33 Teeth

    33 Teeth

    2011, 8 min

    Teenager Eddie becomes fascinated with his hunky neighbor, Chad, after seeing him in the bathroom measuring his manhood.

  • 52


    2011, 4 min

    Step into a gay man's worst nightmare--getting old!

  • A Day in the Country

    A Day in the Country

    2010, 14 min

    Carl, Tomas, and Jocke have a three-way in the countryside, but someone is feeling left out.

  • A Word

    A Word

    2010, 19 min

    Ron realizes that he just can’t say “I love you” to his boyfriend.

  • Absent (Ausente)

    Absent (Ausente)

    2011, 87 min

    Sebastiano teaches high school gym classes and coaches swimming. He’s got a job, a girlfriend, and a pretty normal life. But as young Martin starts to infiltrate Sebastiano’s life, his world will get turned upside down. Eerie from the first frame, this Hitchcockian thriller portrays sexual obsession with terrifying realism.

  • Alle Werden

    Alle Werden

    2011, 18 min

    Samuel meets Philippe, a colleague of his best friend Andreas. As the two get close, Andreas finds himself in the uncomfortable position of watching his friend fall helplessly in love.

  • August


    2010, 105 min

    What do you do when the one who got away comes back? Especially when you think you’ve moved on?

  • Baldguy (Skallaman)

    Baldguy (Skallaman)

    2011, 12 min

    A young man comes home to his parents with an important announcement, setting the stage for a fun musical set in the streets of a small Norwegian town. (

  • Being Lady Hawk

    Being Lady Hawk

    2011, 8 min

    BEING LADY HAWK A young man finds his voice through the birth of his drag persona.

  • Bite Marks

    Bite Marks

    2011, 84 min

    Brewster is about to have a bad day. Brewster is having an affair with his brother’s wife when a call comes in from the truck dispatch: his brother has not shown up for work, and if Brewster doesn’t cover his route, his sibling will be fired.

  • Blokes


    2010, 15 min

    A tale of adolescent sexuality set in a turbulent time in Chile’s past.

  • Cho Dependent

    Cho Dependent

    2011, 83 min

    Margaret Cho’s 6th stand-up film, CHO DEPENDENT delivers perfectly her own brand of raunchy, politically charged comedy that fans have come to love and expect from her.

  • Circumstance


    2011, 105 min

    CIRCUMSTANCE is a trailblazing feature film that explores gay life in modern Iran, a country where homosexuality doesn’t exist according to the country’s current hard-line president.

  • Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same

    Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same

    2011, 70 min

    An homage to ‘50s sci-fi, urban dating and interspecies romance, CODEPENDENT LESBIAN SPACE ALIEN SEEKS SAME is a comedy about the romantic despair that one can experience at the thought that there is truly no one out there for them.

  • Coffee and Pie

    Coffee and Pie

    2011, 15 min

    A couple must come to terms with the fact that theirs is a love that could never be.

  • Cold Star

    Cold Star

    2011, 7 min

    A young man experiences new desires while watching a man at an indoor swimming pool. Forced up the diving platform by a rowdy gang, he receives unexpected help.

  • Crossing, The

    Crossing, The

    2009, 15 min

    Every day, a woman boards a river cruise boat to gaze at the gruff captain; and when she learns that he is leaving, it becomes urgent that she speaks with him

  • Cyclicity


    2011, 11 min

    Two young women ride a ferris wheel and discuss the circular nature of romantic relationships.

  • Death of My Daughter

    Death of My Daughter

    2011, 9 min

    Upon learning of the filmmaker’s transition, a woman announces to her family that her daughter is dead.

  • Drives (Pulsiones)

    Drives (Pulsiones)

    2010, 12 min

    Carlos is about to get married, but he has yet to explore his “needs”. Perhaps a handsome escort can help.

  • East Bloc Love

    East Bloc Love

    2011, 70 min

    Logan Mucha’s debut feature length documentary EAST BLOC LOVE is a captivating look at the emergent LGBT rights movement in the former Soviet Bloc. When openly gay activist Sergey Yenin’s boyfriend is shot on the border, he makes the choice to join gay rights activist group “Gay- Belarus” to change his country’s oppressive policies towards the queer community.

  • Family Affair

    Family Affair

    2011, 13 min

    Adorable young Rossi tries to fit in with his older brother and his friends in this coming-out story.

  • Franswa Sharl

    Franswa Sharl

    2010, 14 min

    Twelve-year-old Greg has inherited his father’s competitive streak. On a family holiday to Fiji they have different ideas about where Greg should focus his talents.

  • Genderbusters


    2010, 6 min

    Only YOU can prevent binary assumptions!

  • Green, The

    Green, The

    2010, 90 min

    At times humorous, at times painful and poignant, THE GREEN boasts a riveting story supported by an outstanding cast.

  • Grove, The

    Grove, The

    2011, 62 min

    Originally created as a quiet, contemplative spot by, and for, people dealing with the loss of friends, family and lovers to AIDS, the Grove gained national attention in 1996 when Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi pushed for national memorial status.

  • Gun Hill Road

    Gun Hill Road

    2011, 88 min

    An official selection of both the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and Frameline35, GUN HILL ROAD presents the story of a teen embracing her true self, a father unable to understand, and a mother trying desperately to keep her family together.

  • Harvest


    2011, 85 min

    Shunning the company of his fellow agricultural interns, Marko is a typical loner. None of his peers are able to break through his icy façade until freshman intern, Jacob, arrives from the big city. With very few words exchanged, Jacob and Marko form a curious bond. It begins innocently during farm chores but soon progresses to romance.

  • I Don't Want to Go Back Alone

    I Don't Want to Go Back Alone

    2010, 17 min

    Leonardo, a blind teenager, deals with his developing feelings for new friend Gabriel and the accompanying jealousy of a childhood friend.

  • In-Between, The

    In-Between, The

    2010, 10 min

    The second in a trilogy of shorts focusing on the gay community, this film explores the challenges, expectations and hope that comes from entering into a monogamous relationship.

  • James Dean

    James Dean

    2011, 8 min

    A family day out takes an unexpected turn when young Alex is forced to share her secret

  • Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together

    Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together

    2011, 89 min

    Grab your hipster bike, warm up your vocal chords, and admit you have a crush on your roommate with this cool musical. Jamie is moving from Chicago to New York to become a Broadway actress. Her best friend and roommate, Jessica, is bummed because she’s in love with Jamie.

  • Joe + Belle

    Joe + Belle

    2010, 80 min

    “Have you ever fallen in love while standing over the body of a guy you accidentally shot…twice?”

  • Judas Kiss

    Judas Kiss

    2011, 94 min

    If you could go back in time and pick a different road, would you?

  • Kink Crusaders

    Kink Crusaders

    2010, 74 min

    This titillating documentary follows the 2008 Mr. International Leather contest in Chicago. But this is merely the backdrop for a thorough history of the BDSM community and the 30 year-old event’s origins.

  • La Entrevista

    La Entrevista

    2010, 10 min

    Simulating an interview, this satirical film highlights gender and nationality as they relate to social justice and decolonization in passionate Queer Xican@ style.

  • Lady Porchoir

    Lady Porchoir

    2010, 37 min

    Free-spirited Yv is a street courier by day and graffiti artist by night. Sparks start to fly when her tags catch the eye of a straight-laced art publisher.

  • Leading Ladies

    Leading Ladies

    2010, 102 min

    A zany comedy about two sisters, their gay best friend, and their overzealous stage mom.

  • Lee


    2011, 6 min

    Lee is no ordinary warrior; he has a secret love.

  • Lesbian Cliche Song

    Lesbian Cliche Song

    2011, 5 min

    A hilarious music video featuring every Sapphic stereotype imaginable.

  • Longhorns


    2011, 74 min

    In the 1980s at a Texas university, Kevin is a typical straight frat-boy who enjoys bonding with fellow schoolmates. However he has a secret-- he has fantasies about men.

  • Loop Planes

    Loop Planes

    2010, 12 min

    Thirteen-year-old Nick lives with his dad at an amusement park. With the arrival of his mother and a pink-haired girl named Katie, Nick is in for the ride of his life.

  • Lust Life

    Lust Life

    2011, 9 min

    Caught between what was and what could be, a woman who has lost her lust for life in Paris takes a chance.

  • Maiden and the Princess, The

    Maiden and the Princess, The

    2011, 18 min

    In the heart of London, a little girl searches for herself amidst a musical fairytale.

  • Mary Lou

    Mary Lou

    150 min

    In MARY LOU, Eytan Fox (THE BUBBLE, WALK ON WATER, YOSSI & JAGGER) brings to life a modern fable with a catchy musical message and a story based on the songs of Israeli pop legend Svika Pick.

  • Mind


    2011, 27 min

    An intimate portrait of Australian-Chinese writer Tom Cho, a trans man who has beautifully documented the process of his transition.

  • Miserable Animals

    Miserable Animals

    2011, 6 min

    In this clever comedy, a lesbian couple unleash their inner homophobia as they engage in an argument over which of them is more gay.

  • Nice Shirt

    Nice Shirt

    2011, 5 min

    Two ex-lovers are pitted against each other in a battle of oneupmanship.

  • No Direction

    No Direction

    2011, 13 min

    Freshly out of college and feeling completely lost in the “real world,” Jamie becomes infatuated with the device that seems to direct her on a clear path.

  • Rescue, The

    Rescue, The

    2011, 18 min

    Miguel goes looking for love at the boyfriend pound, AKA The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Boyfriends. Will he find true love?

  • Romeos


    2011, 94 min

    Set against the sweltering heat of a German summer, this is a feast-forthe- eyes movie about life’s transitions. It is also a feast for the senses.

  • Roommates


    2011, 8 min

    Pablo deals with unrequited love for his unsuspecting roommate.

  • T'Ain't Nobody's Bizness: Queer Blues Divas of the 1920's

    T'Ain't Nobody's Bizness: Queer Blues Divas of the 1920's

    2011, 28 min

    This thoroughly researched historical documentary illustrates the range of styles and strategies for passing that performers of the early 20th century Jazz Age took up. Resistance to gender and sexuality policing is central to these divas’ stories.

  • This is What Love in Action Looks Like

    This is What Love in Action Looks Like

    2010, 70 min

    In this poignant documentary directed by Morgan Jon Fox, we follow Zach Stark, a gay 16-year-old from Tennessee, as his parents seek to pray the gay away. Shortly after coming out to them, Zach’s parents determine that their son has a psychological illness and proceed to ship him off to “Love in Action”, a fundamentalist Christian organization, in order to “cure” him.

  • Three (Drei)

    Three (Drei)

    2010, 119 min

    From the director of iconic indie flick RUN LOLA RUN comes THREE, Tom Tykwer’s latest exploration of human motivation. If you let it, love can be as easy as one-two-three, as Tykwer proves in this atmospheric piece about bisexuality, love, and longing in cosmopolitan Berlin.

  • Through the Window

    Through the Window

    2011, 24 min

    Yoni and Shira are seen kissing through the window of the family home by Yoni’s mother. Yoni, who is deeply closeted, is torn between her lover and her family.

  • Tough Girls Don't Dream

    Tough Girls Don't Dream

    2011, 10 min

    In a world where people no longer sleep, one woman is seeking someone with whom she can share her life and dreams.

  • Triple Standard

    Triple Standard

    2010, 20 min

    After experiencing a homophobic confrontation in the locker room, a former professional basketball player is forced to deal with the fact that he is gay.

  • Undeliverables


    2010, 14 min

    Nina goes on a journey of inner change and transformation. Using her poetic voice to construct letters to her ex-lovers, she converts omissions in loss for closure.

  • Vigilant! Healthy! Wholesome!

    Vigilant! Healthy! Wholesome!

    2009, 14 min

    In this parody of 50’s-style educational films, a shop girl in a repressive town becomes engulfed in a sweeping plague of homosexuality.

  • We Were Here

    We Were Here

    2011, 90 min

    WE WERE HERE is a documentary that explores the arrival of the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco and the devastating impact it had on the city, and the gay men’s community in particular. Told with remarkable clarity from the perspectives of five individuals who found themselves at the forefront of the catastrophe, this film offers an affecting look beyond statistics into the personal experiences that eventually shaped public policy.

  • Why Me?

    Why Me?

    2010, 22 min

    Sixteen-year-old Cheryl falls madly in love with her piano teacher, Stella, in this lively musical film.

  • Wish Me Away

    Wish Me Away

    2011, 95 min

    This provocative documentary tracks the emotional and trailblazing journey of country music star Chely Wright as she risks everything – stardom, friends and family -- in her determination to live what she calls an “authentic life.”

  • With Conviction

    With Conviction

    2011, 14.5 min

    With fierce seduction, fat femmes of color discuss their desires, sexuality, and empowerment. This short documentary charts coming into and celebrating big feminine bodies.

  • yaya/ayat


    2010, 5.5 min

    Longing for a relationship with her grandma, Shimby journeys to find her. This experimental film considers personal identity and diaspora while exploring separation and loss of language.

2011 SW Gay & Lesbian Film Festival